Analysis of the zip in Wario Land 4

Can Wario do the zip to every wall?

Not really. There are some necessary conditions for doing the zip.

For instance, the wall's height must be 3 - 5 blocks (Excluding enemy jumping).

I think this is obvious because 2 block height is too low and more than 6 blocks height is too high so he can't even reach to the ceiling.

Additionally it depends on the wall's position and Wario's direction. Actually these can even change the frame window for pause buffering after the ground pound!

(The frame window for ground pounding is always 1 frame, unfortunately...)



When the wall is on the left side

Height (Blocks)Wario's directionPause frame window
3 facing 0 (not works)
3 opposite 0 (not works)
4 facing 1
4 opposite 2
5 facing 0 (not works)
5 opposite 1


When the wall is on the right side

Height (Blocks)Wario's directionPause frame window
3 facing 0 (not works)
3 opposite 1
4 facing 2
4 opposite 2
5 facing 1
5 opposite 1



3 patterns of the first escape room zip in Pinball Zone

f:id:becored:20140520004033p:plain <- Pattern A (success)

f:id:becored:20140520004043p:plain <- Pattern B (failure)f:id:becored:20140520004039p:plain <- Pattern C (success)

During the zip, he has to jump before turning around. Otherwise he gets stuck.

After the jump, you'll have 2 frame window for turning left to right, but 3 frame window for turning left to right somehow. 

Besically he moves 2 blocks distance horizontally when he turns around, however, he can move only 1 block distance if he turns around at the 3rd frame of jumping.

So if you luckily get the 3rd frame for the 1st turning, you'll get pattern C!

(And if you unluckily get it in the 2nd turning, you'll get pattern B)